Wednesday's Work in Progress

I'm only working on a dishcloth right now, because I'm still recovering from the dropped-stitch incident that occurred while I was knitting a scarf for my sister. I could not figure out how to fix a dropped stitch in a cable, so I was forced to rip the whole thing back. I was really loving the scarf, it was a fun project, so it took me awhile to want to knit again. I decided to make something small, as it will finish quickly, and I won't be as devastated if I were to drop a stitch.


Leaves are growing... and with them, my happiness!

The birth of leaves! No longer small buds but full shaped leaves on their way to becoming cover from the summer sun. The leaves make me feel as if we may not have snow again for many, many months. That's a happy thought, one that will last me a while.


It's been cold, gray, and often, rainy. I haven't been doing much of anything, as I prefer to stay inside under a blanket when the weather behaves this way.

I heard the sun is on its way...


Reaching for the sun

My apartment faces west and so my building blocks the sun for a good portion of the day. I've always disliked it because I like waking up to sunshine streaming in my window, but the other morning I found something to enjoy... 


1001 books to read before I die...

After viewing "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die", I've decided to challenge myself to read 1001 books before I die. I will use the list I linked for inspiration, however, I don't believe I will use the complete list. I want to re-read the books on the list that I've already finished, because I read them a few years ago and they aren't quite fresh in my memory.

As a starting point, I went through the "1001 Books" list and compiled the books I already own, or have seen at the library/thirft store. You can view that list HERE. (There are approximately 37 books on my list so far, only 964 more to add... then read)

Here are eight of the books I already own from the list. I do also own The Hobbit, but I forgot it was on the list so it wasn't included in this photo.

I think I'll start with Farenheit 451, it's a shorter book to get the ball rolling. What are YOU reading?

ETA: I'm open to suggestions for my list!


Photos taken through a (dirty) window

This one is blurry, but I really love the colours

P.S. I love taking photos of the sky